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Our Group of Companies

Our Group of Companies

We are a division of Travelog Pty Ltd, a successful Travel agency software company who have been involved in the travel industry for over 35 years.

Our sister companies include Noel French & Associates (Accountants) and BFirst Travel.


Noel French & Associates

Established in 1975, has worked very closely in the travel industry to help agencies reach their full potential. Handling accounting and accreditation requirements throughout the years. They have managed to help clients meet their IATA & TCF accreditation needs.


BFirst Travel

BFirst Travel, a wholly owned Australian tour company, ATAS/AFTA accredited and a helloworld affiliate. For the past 15 years we have specialised exclusively in Latin America. We know a few parts of the world, and we know them well. Our been there, done that expertise elevates your experience beyond the ordinary, to the level of adventure with comfort! "Travel is all about the experience, which starts with your travel preparations”

.Bfirst Travel